About Mary

Mary smooching pygoraI was born in New Jersey–shortly after the Stone Age. I spent the first 20 years of my life in the East before moving to Washington State. Lou was also born in the East, on Long Island. Lou moved to WA about 7 years after I did. Our paths eventually crossed in WA and years later we married and shortly thereafter we had the beginning of of our Llama family. Soon to follow Lou’s work took us to California. We eventually returned to where our hearts are: Washington State and Whidbey Island. Some of our Llamas were well travelled.

My career started in interior design, moved into aerospace, and then farming. It is in farming and working with fiber that I found my bliss–thus the name “Paradise Found Fiber Farm.”

I spend my days with animals and all things fiber. In addition to the Llamas, Alpacas, and Goats, we have laying hens (most of which are Red Star), house cats and dogs.

Mary hugging llama baby

With a farm the work is never ending and never done. It is the life we chose and we are happy doing it. In addition to the daily chores of feeding, watering and clean-up I administer any medication the animals need. Several of our critters are in the geriatric stage of life and need a little extra care.

I shear all the goats, trim their hooves, give them shots, and worm them. For all of the animals I administer all general medical treatments but leave the shearing to professionals. For years I sheared all the llamas myself, but since we have a large herd, in 2009 I turned shearing the llamas over to professionals. The alpacas have always had the benefit of professionals to do the shearing.

I make all the products in my fiber shack by hand. Most of that work entails spinning and knitting and making items from felt.

Someone once asked what I do in my spare time. With a smile, I replied, “Sleep!”

Banner photos (from left to right) were taken by: Penny BauerNancy RichardsonMary Donaty, and Sonny Richardson. All others were taken by Sonny.