Whidbey Island “FiberQuest for Yarn & More Event”



FiberQuest, a fun filled event, provides the opportunity to visit participating Whidbey Island fiber filled Farm stores and Yarn shops and other participating shops from Clinton to Oak Harbor. At each Farm Store and Yarn Shop visited, not only can you view and purchase your fiber needs from a wide selection of product offerings, but also register for eligibility to win Gift Certificates.

A map and directions to each location as well as details of the Event are posted on our web site months before each event.

The FiberQuest Ticket, that you must have initialed at each of the Fiber Farms, Yarn Stores, and Specialty Shops you visit to be entered in the Gift Certificate drawing, is now available for viewing and can also be printed if you so desire.

For information and details of the past Yarn & More events, take a look at these summary reports and plan on joining in the fun!

Whidbey Island Fabulous Fall Fiber Sale – WIFFFS

Whidbey Island Fabulous Fall Fiber Sale logo


 –  The Overview of the September 14, 2013 Whidbey Island Fabulous Fall Fiber Sale is now available as well as a Photo Collage. 

——-Past WIFFFS Highlights and Photographs

For more information about what was available at past sales, take a look at these photo-rich reports:

  • The 2012 Fiber Festival Highlights and Photographs
  • The 2011 Fiber Festival Highlights and Photographs
  • The 2010 Fiber Festival Highlights and Photographs
  • The 2009 Fiber Festival Highlights and Photographs
  • The 2008 Fiber Festival Highlights and Photographs

2013 Whidbey Island Farm Tour Update

Paradise Found Fiber Farm participated in the annual Whidbey Island Farm Tour on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Click on 2013 Farm Tour for the 2013 Tour participants. Recap of the days activity and a Photo Collage are now available. Here are the fun events our visitors had the opportunity to participate in  –  Contest 1 or Contest 2. The Farm Tour link – is updated annually.

Paradise Found Fiber Farm also participated in the September 15/16 2012 Whidbey Island Farm Tour. Click on 2012 Farm Tour for the 2012 Tour participants.

Past Farm Group Visitor Highlights

April 23, 2013 Langley Alternative Middle School visit to Paradise Found Fiber Farm. Click on photo overview for visit highlights


2012 Greenbank Farm Agricultural Training Center [ GFATC ] Apprentices Visit Paradise

Here is their review of their experience and view some photograghs taken during their visit. Additional information can be accessed at the Greenbank Farm website.

Waldorf School third graders visit the farm

In November of 2009, we had a wonderful visit by the third grade class from the Waldorf School, which is located just up the road from us. They teach the kids about fiber beginning in the first grade, and being a fiber person, that puts a big smile on my face. The kids fell in LOVE with the animals and the animals fell in LOVE with them. Here’s more information (including some photos) about the visit.

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Banner photos (from left to right) were taken by: Penny BauerNancy RichardsonMary Donaty, and Sonny Richardson.