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For your information, reference, and use is a one page instruction, in easily printable PDF format, providing the steps recommended to sucessfully wash your fiber should the need arise.

Fiber A-Z in Simple Terms – January 2013

Fiber Processor Directory – March 2013 v2.7  Released

Here, in PDF form, is the March 2013 release of the Fiber Processor Directory  for the United States and Canada. Information provided includes location, by state [US], all contact information, types of fiber processed, fiber services offered, and specific notes applicable to their operation. Any comments can be directed to Mary at .

More information about Lamas


More information about Pygora goats



Charitable Endeavors

  • In the winter of 2009 Heifer International, placed a challenge to the world to produce the longest scarf as a fund raiser, and to celebrate all of the natural fibers of the world. Here’s how Mary and a group of fiber aficionados from across the country created the longest scarf. The “Wild Fibers” Spring 2010 issue has a wonderful article about this project, and our Team, “Fabulous Fiber and Friends” are mentioned on Page 49.

NW Heritage CD Tour of Whidbey Island

New Whidbey Island Audio Tour Guide- CD with traditional music and narratives from local residents – Cascade Loop Heritage Tour West

Now available at  and then click the link to Tour #9 for how to order


The CD is also available in the Paradise Found Fiber Shack

Mary in the Media

  • Whidbey Life Magazine has published an overview of WIFFFS in 2013.  Titled : ” Whidbey Island’s Fabulous Fall Fiber Sale is Sept. 14″. Celebrating its 6th year, the article can be found at the following link:
  • WhidbeyLocal Story on Paradise Found Fiber Farm. Click here
  • Sit back and listen to an hour conversation with KPWA interviewers  Annie H and Mary Rose A chatting with Mary D about fiber, history, Paradise Found Fiber Farm, upcoming events, and much more when broadcast by Public Radio WKPA on March 4, 2013
  • Mary and the November 2012 FiberQuest with a Twist event participants are featured in the October 31, 2012 South Whidbey Record – Island Life Fiber with a TWIST article by Kathy Reed, Staff Reporter.
  • Mary discusses the November 2, 3, and 4, 2012 FiberQuest with a TWIST event with Patricia Duff, Whidbey Life Magazine Editor on the Whidbey Life Magazine web site.
  • Mary and Paradise Found Fiber Farm are prominently mentioned in the Whidbey Examiner Special Whidbey Island 2012 Farm Tour Guide article  by Kathy Reed, Staff Reporter, Fiber farms merge agriculture with arts and crafts.Click on this link to read this article
  • Mary and Paradise Found Fiber Farm is featured in a November 13, 2011 Matador Trips article at In addition to the Matador link, the article is also provided at this link.
  • Mary discusses the four day Fiber Quest event and the fiber animals that populate our farm in a Whidbey Examiner November 3, 2011 interview article

  • Mary in Women in Business 2011 in the South Whidbey Record
  • In 2011, Mary was selected to be interviewed by a team from Whidbey Public Radio, KWPA FM, to talk about Fiber Farms on Whidbey Island. Go to the KWPA Podcast or proceed directly to listen to the interview.
  • Mary in Women in Business 2010 in the South Whidbey Record
  • This 2008 Women in Business article about Mary was published in the South Whidbey Record.
  • Page six of this South Whidbey Tilth Newsletter features an article about Mary.
  • This article about rug hooking, in which Mary is pictured and mentioned, was published in the South Whidbey Record.
  • Page three of the Whidbey Watershed Stewards Newsletter mentions Paradise Found Farm and includes a picture of our llamas.
  • Paradise Found Farm is listed in the Whidbey’s Country Farms brochure, which is available on ferries and in visitor centers on the island.
  • Information about Paradise Found Farm appears in Washington State University Extension’s Small Farm Team list.
  • Paradise Found Farm welcomes visitors during the 2009 Self-guided Tour Whidbey Island farms.

Organizations, Clubs, and Groups

A brief introduction and link is provided for the following Organizations, Clubs, and Groups. Visit their website for details.

  • Llama Association of North America – LANA –  To sponser and promote the health and well being of Llamas.
  • Llama Owners of Washington State – LOWS – Provide members an environment to meet with fellow lama owners and share information that affects the well-being and enjoyment of their animals by offering membership social, recreational and education opportunities
  • Northwest Regional Spinners’ Association NwRSA – We promote and encourage awareness of the craft of handspinning, providing a network for local guilds. Let us help you build on your spinning techniques, materials processing, dying and other related skills. Share, learn and keep the craft alive with NwRSA.
  • Pygora Breeders Association – PBA – The PBA is dedicated to the advancement and well-being of the Pygora goat.  PBA provides leadership in the promotion of the Pygora as a fleece producing animal, pet, and companion nationwide. We encourage ethical practices that will contribute to the long term expansion of the Pygora market.
  • South Whidbey Spinners A group of South Whidbey spinners who meet to spin and socialize
  • South Whidbey Tilth Tilth’s mission is to promote environmentally sound and sustainable agriculture. We are devoted to learning about and promoting ways in which to raise food, ornamentals, other farm crops and farm animals without damage to the environment.
  • The Association of Traditional Hooking Artists – ATHA – ATHA is an international fellowship of artists that fosters individuality and diversity in rug hooking
  • The Whidbey Weavers Guild Whidbey Weavers Guild is a community of fiber artists. It is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing an environment instilling interest, stimulation and education in the fiber arts. 

Northwest Tour Company (Roads2) Now Offering Tour of Whidbey Island

  • For details of the Whidbey Island Adventure itinerary, click here , or direct to Roads2 web site, click here .

Local Bed & Breakfasts

Are you considering staying over night during your next visit to Whidbey Island? If so, click on:

Web Site Links

A brief description and link is provided for the following, recently formed fiber related and the Arts web sites. Visit these sites for informative and useful information.

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